Outside The Box: Sushi Shopping

Sunday sounds like:
Perseus - Shadow of the Beast

Cornubia Eau de Toilette @Penhaligon's / Green dress @River Island

Good Morning!

So, the other night I went to Japan Centre for a sushi refill (before closing they sell everything half price! If you live in London, you just learnt a thing J) and ended up buying few more things (can we just blame this on ‘it’s a girl thing’ this time, puhlease?).
After successfully shopping at Japan Centre I decided to walk home. Now, we live in Lancaster Gate and if you walk from Piccadilly Circus to where we live the easiest way to do it is to walk along Oxford Street. Just when I saw Oxford Circus’ River Island, a picture of this green dress popped in my head. I mean hey! they were selling it half price (only knew that because that’s what I do when I can’t sleep – browse high street fashion shops online but never buy. I’m shallow minded like that…)! Needles to say, 10 minutes later I was holding this huuuge, and way too big for my dress, RI’S bag. So, I decided to take a bus home in order to stop myself from buying more things. Pay day... And there an early night had another surprise for me. Public transport on a Friday night in London is a joke. You know it, I know it, we all know it. Waiting for my bus and feeling my nose slowly starting to freeze, I spotted House of Fraser. Awww those little lights! And bright discount ads… I was out of perfume for two weeks. So, yes, I went in and was happily persuaded into buying my first bottle of Penhaligon’s.

Happy wife - happy life!
Well... Except the wife part...

Have a nice Sunday, darlings. Blog to you soon.

P.S. Spitafields Market today anyone? Again, discounts before closing! Stay smart, Londoners xx


Goes Well With Coffee: Elad Lassry

Thursday sounds like:
The Cure - Just Like Heaven

1. Untitled (Man, Strainer), 2013 / 2. Untitled (Red Cabbage 1), 2008
3. Woman (Camera), 2010
4. Chilean Flamingo, 2007 / 5.Untitled (Boot), 2013
6. Woman, Man, 2010
7. Untitled (Strawberry, Kids), 2013 / 8. Untitled (Poles), 2010

Good morning! Hope it's a good one! :)

I feel intrigued, lied to, confused and yet mesmerized by Elad Lassry's work.
It makes me feel a little bit claustrophobic because everything is within boxes and frames. 
But that pleated silk, bright colours, hidden action, collages, vintage photos mixed with his own artwork makes me feel a little bit like I'm reading a story as well. Story that nobody but Elad Lassry knows. And it continues. 
Lassry is a visual artist who lives in Los Angeles and is represented by White Cube in London. 
See more of his work here or attend first possible Frieze Art Fair. That's exactly where not that long ago I had a chance to discover this and many more outstanding artists.

Oh wow. That's a lot of words for a cup of coffee, right? Gee, so emotional women can be...
No, but seriously, it's beautiful.

Have a nice day.


Outside The Box: One leg back!

Sunday sounds like:
Semisonic - Closing Time

Mac quality. Always killing it. 
Me today after Frieze Art Fair. Finally eating at home and knowing that I don't have to run anywhere! Stuffed aubergine from Selfridges Food Hall where staff knows me and that fact itself makes me question the quality of life.

I'm back! Kind of...

So you know how about a month ago I was all smiley and happy, ready to start my new blogging season (it's really pleasantly surprising how many of you enquired about missing posts)? Ha! Well that never happened. There are reasons... 
Me lacking motivation, me lacking time, me almost getting attacked (twice, phew!), me feeling like the biggest anti-human I've ever met, me moving twice. It was all me...
You can blame me, hate me and even throw tomatoes at me (well technically that would be your screen).
I'm sorry.
But you know what? Even if you decide not to forgive me (which makes no sense you reading this), I still love you. 
Now, tomorrow and the day after. 
Because I do believe life is about loving people and doing what you love. 
Oh, and about being thankful for all the beautiful little moments life is grateful enough to give you.

I'm one leg back to being Karolion and blogging. My other leg, however, is reserved for my uni work, just work (because we do all need money for wine, shoes and galleries), friends and all the unplanned plans that somehow manage to find me daily.

Nighty night, little stars!
Love now, forever and after.
Yours and yours and yours,
Karolion x


Karolion: Sympathise Simplicity

FTSE - So Much Shine

Pretty much my simple, calm and way too sunny Sunday.

Breakfast: walnut cake, saturn peach and some summer berries.
New Zara purchases: white linen dress, super thin shirt, loose denim shorts and linen tunica.
Something I carry in my bag this month: Chupa Chups mango lip balm given to my by Dominique, Cocoa and Shea butter hand cream, Maison Martin Margiela Untitled perfume No.3, Eminence Organic Calm Skin Chamomile Moisturizer.

I think life is more beautiful when everything is simple.

Simple cup of tea with beautiful music now and I'm off to bed.
 Love you,
Karolina x.


Rainy Afternoon's Short: Beyond Mountains, More Mountains

Screen shots of an amazing short film 'Beyond Mountains, More Mountains.'
Unusual love story directed by Marc Gomez del Moral includes two beautiful actors, one missing boot, breathtaking locations, and everything you'd usually see in a cartoon.
The way it's filmed reminds me a little bit of The Science of Sleep (one of the most beautiful movies I've ever seen) which makes me smile even more while watching it. 
Don't miss out and see it HERE!

And have a warm rainy afternoon.
Kisses and lemons and honey for your tea,


Low Quality: Let's Stay Home

Unedited, simplest, rawest and maybe most unattractive pictures that can be found on my computer.
But they are personal, positive, relevant to me and magical pictures, capturing the lives of the people who I care about, capturing my life... These are my sparks...

1. Spending evening with Ugne at her place, listening to the music loud and discussing our hearts out.
2. Reading one of Catherine Aliott's books, having late lunch and having an hour long phone conversation with Pijus.
3. Dealing with insomnia in a very smiley way at about 5 in the morning.
4. Decorating one of my walls with b&w things given to me by others.
5. Failing to make cupcakes and using them as our window decoration (in the end we ate some of them).
6. Waiting for my mum's Skype call, trying my new tee on.
7. Having a bath with my 6-year-old brother while being back at home and him lighting all these candles for two of us.
8. Khalid making dinner while Skype calling me.
9. Watching A Single Man, being unable to take a screen shot, taking a phone picture instead.
10. Waiting for Ugne to shower, exploring all the amazing books she owns and taking a mirror shot in her beautiful room.

Nighty night, starry eyed.
x, Karolina


Public Lion: The Pimlico Poisoning

Screen shots of Erin McNulty's 'The Pimlico Poisoning.'

The Pimlico Mystery is an uncomfortable story to read. Ecpecially if you're a woman. Needless to say, it was even more uncomfortable to realise that for this project I will have to impersonate Adelaide Bartlett, who in 1886 is believed to have poisoned her husband with large amount of chloroform.
To my astonishment, working on Erin McNulty's 'The Pimlico Poisoning' was more of a delightful positive experience than an emotional wreck.
I had a chance to discover Southend, get to know some strong and intelligent women, sit in cars that are probably older than I am and work with one, soon to be, very successful and talented filmmaker.

Thank You, Erin.

Your Lion.


Table Sunday: Adrian Mesko

Sunday's playlist:
Mask - Maribou State & Pedestrian (Original Mix)

Jetlag Prod - Every Woman
Hot Toddy - Down To Love (Henry Krinkle's Lush Haus Mix)

My morning.

(Adrian Mesko diary pictures)

Enjoying coffee, long boarding again, hanging out with my natives, going to see The Neighbourhood in London, spending the night chatting with my lovely Jaks, breaking into Battersea Park just for a night walk, working, wearing heels 24/7, modeling, reading books, reading magazines, buying new albums, finding new Spanish places to dine out and buying floral cushions and towels for Dominique's visit.
So that's pretty much my last week. 
Which is why I hope you understand how much I enjoy spending my morning on our kitchen table. Reading Russh, listening to amazing music, drinking orange juice and eating rice crackers.
Let me tell you one thing. London is a wild place full of even wilder animals. Even though I am more than grateful to be a lion here, it feels good to be a cat sometimes. Like this Sunday. 
Table Sunday with my latest discoveries and inspirations.


Film: Lotus Eaters

Lotus Eaters:
Stand Up Against Heart Crime - A Hundred Lovers

Yaaaay! Officially finished my educational year finally.
To celebrate this I am spending my afternoon eating strawberries and watching all possible films. One of them is Lotus Eaters. Written by Alexandra McGuinness this one makes a perfect mindf***k, perfect B&W and perfect cinematography.

And I will blink to you soon, my dears.