Goes Well With Coffee: Elad Lassry

Thursday sounds like:
The Cure - Just Like Heaven

1. Untitled (Man, Strainer), 2013 / 2. Untitled (Red Cabbage 1), 2008
3. Woman (Camera), 2010
4. Chilean Flamingo, 2007 / 5.Untitled (Boot), 2013
6. Woman, Man, 2010
7. Untitled (Strawberry, Kids), 2013 / 8. Untitled (Poles), 2010

Good morning! Hope it's a good one! :)

I feel intrigued, lied to, confused and yet mesmerized by Elad Lassry's work.
It makes me feel a little bit claustrophobic because everything is within boxes and frames. 
But that pleated silk, bright colours, hidden action, collages, vintage photos mixed with his own artwork makes me feel a little bit like I'm reading a story as well. Story that nobody but Elad Lassry knows. And it continues. 
Lassry is a visual artist who lives in Los Angeles and is represented by White Cube in London. 
See more of his work here or attend first possible Frieze Art Fair. That's exactly where not that long ago I had a chance to discover this and many more outstanding artists.

Oh wow. That's a lot of words for a cup of coffee, right? Gee, so emotional women can be...
No, but seriously, it's beautiful.

Have a nice day.

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