Bedtime Story - Life's About To Kiss You

Tonight's sounds:
Agnes Obel - Riverside (Lulu Rouge Remix)

Ben Howard - Only Love

Even though some of you probably see me as a positive and smiley person (and Lord knows I am), I sometimes blame myself for everything.
For eating that Krispy Kreme, for saying the wrong sentence, for not posting enough, for not hugging enough, for not letting others know that beside the fact that I smile a lot, I care a lot more.
Was blaming myself yesterday for sending out those e-mails, for not getting replies, for letting my negative emotions out.
This morning I woke up and I bended my knee after almost a week of not doing it, after an injury. It hurt. But it’s for the better. Because life hurts, it hits you in a face, breaks your heart and then… it kisses you.
Got some positive replies, one really good book to read tonight, I know my family is doing well this evening.

One evening. With no regrets. More sugar. More music. More smiley hearts.

Don’t forget, life is about to kiss you, so put on your best behavior.
Nighty night,
Karolina x.


NYLON Girl Wednesday

Today's song:
Keishaleisha - Should I (New Brazilian Orchestra Version)

Sorry for leaving you waiting but I'm having a really busy and productive week.
Just came back from NYLON girl inspired photo shoot and still need to edit my interview with our beautiful inside and out Ben Mc.

Talk to you soon,
my charming readers.
xo, Karolion.


Bedtime story - A Little Bit of Champagne Now and Then is a Good Thing

A little bit of champagne now and then is a good thing.

To be honest, being a little bit more honest after having a little bit of champagne, I recently had a very lovely experience on Great Russel Street, London.
So me and E decided to celebrate her visit last Thursday.
We bought some champagne, macaroons and sat in Covent Garden watching all the charming people.
Then E suggested we go shopping. A girl never says no to a new something, even if that's the smallest thing you could find in London.
Knowing how strict all stores are with drinks and food inside, we got to Great Russel Street before our shopping spree to finish our opened champagne bottle.
The day was great. People were smiling and the weather was nice enough to let me wear a dress. But I wasn't feeling excited. To explain how I felt, I'll quote one of my bright friends. 'You know how you feel good and positive but not as happy so you could cry out of happiness? I don't feel like that very often.' So I was feeling exactly like that - comfortable, positive but not like I had my finger tips crossing the sky.
Whilst standing there and chatting, drinking champagne, people were walking by, thinking about what work to do, books to read, lunch to have etc.
I saw one man wearing a suit, sunglasses, long coat. He seemed confident and charming but deep in his thoughts, not paying too much attention to the world around him.
So my mind and champagne's collaboration led me whispering to E:
'Woooooooah, look how perfect he is!'
E just looked, nodded and looked away.
Then, when he was already a few steps away from us, he looked back, looked me in the eyes and smiled.
I smiled back.
That smile, I know, and I just knew, there was something that made me feel happy.
At least for that time, that moment.
Hope it made him feel the same.

A little bit of champagne now and then it is a good thing.

Nighty night, my sparks.

LFW: Richard Nicoll

(Style pictures)

Richard Nicoll does it again. One of my favorite LFW F/W 2013 collections so far.
Sophistication level that satisfies me. Not too sweet, not too pretty, still really strong and feminine.



LFW: Jean-Pierre Braganza

(Style pictures)

 Prints, black, white, few other colors and I'm fascinated.
Feminine in its unfeminine way Jean-Pierre Braganza's A/W 2013 collection undoubtedly was one to remember.

'I'm obsessed with the idea that numbers and geometry have symbolic and cosmic value, with the female from being the ultimate cosmic being.'

- Jean-Pierre Braganza

Running out of my hand fingers to name all the reasons to admire this Canadian designer.
Some spare fingers, please.

x, Karolion.

LFW: Central Saint Martins

Jaimee McKenna

Elena Crehan

Hampus Berggren

Sadie Williams

Toma Stenko (personal favorite)

(Style pictures)

While most of the young London Fashion Week's attendees seem to be with their heads stuck in the clouds seeing those Made in Chelsea characters walking around the Somerset House, I, on the other hand, review this LWF straight from my bed because, what a pity, but I wasn't able to fight the flu any longer.

Having all this time on my hands, I went through those collections that were already presented at LFW.

First collection to catch my attention - Central Saint Martins MA's collection.
It feels strange to see fashion through the eyes of fellow fashion students and designers-to-be. This year, however, MA graduates left me positively surprised as some of the creations were great and inspiring  pieces of art and others stood for something that would definitely go to my 'must-haves' list.

And I'm off for another coffee.
X, Karolion.


Karolion wears - Valentine's Day

Today's playlist:
Crystal Fighters - At Home (Acoustic)
Crystal Fighters - Champion Sound

Outfit: Zara boots, jacket; Primark dress; Swatch watch; Lindex necklace.

Nighty night,
Karolion x.

Let's be Soppy, darling!

The only day I let myself be publicly 'soppy,' how my friends would say.