O.K. Linen

Hat, white linen tunica, jumpsuit, boots @ Zara/ Necklace @ Forever21

Happy New Year!

For those of you that don’t know (my friends, clearly, do), I had bought a lot of linen products last year. I never was too obsessed with it, but it very practical, easy to wash and just easy to take care of, really. I was happy all in all. Then, with first drops of Autumn rain, in my head I went: ‘wellf***. There goes my linen Summer love.’ But then I found a few ways to wear it (well, at least I like it). Purchased this jumpsuit from Zara not too long ago and here you go.
Yes, I’m a fashion student, I should divide my S/S and A/W wardrobes into two. But heck, I’m also a part-time worker and a believer. I believe, I better invest to my Karolina Goes on Holiday project. Still holding onto my ‘Summer Nostalgics.’
And what are you still holding onto, darling?

Karolion xx