Goes well with Coffee - Majestic Casual

Whenever you're scrolling down through Facebook or YouTube pages searching for a perfect music, that would help you feel relaxed, put you on a party mood or just would be there as a lovely background, what do you end up doing? Messaging your friends, asking them to send some great links or bands suggestions? Searching for similar artists to ones that you already know and adore?

If none of those actions work, I advice you to visit this blog every Monday morning and discover music that associates with sparks and butterflies.

Monday is all about sounds, that go well with coffee.

This morning I'm sharing with you the miraculous Majestic Casual YouTube channel. Its founder is a young man from Germany. In early 2011 he would've never believed that by this time almost 60.000 people would be interested in music he loves and share.

Couldn't call myself curious, if I wouldn't have tried to contact the Majestic Casual founder. Although he prefers being in a shadow, he told me and KaroLion readers one thing: "I usually don't drink coffee, but when I do, I make sure it's sweet."

Sweet tunes, sweet coffee.

Explore Majestic Casual and I'm sure that these sound will be there as one of your friends, comforters and one of your magical inspirers.


Salute for beautiful mornings and coffee mustaches,


Let the Lion Riot!

Weekend song:
White Arrows - Coming Or Going (RAC remix)

Friday, Friday, Friday!

Today's theme: Let the Lion Riot!

Whole week through my phone and a party song for your weekend too. 
HAVE A BLAST, Lionhearted ones.



Must Visit - A Bigger Splash


Finally finished my work week at uni. One of the most productive weeks so far, topped with a quote of a guest lecture Daryoush Haj-Najafi: "I'm at the club and the only person I know is Karl Lagerfeld."

So to finish such an inspiring and creative work week as a "Must..." I'm sharing with you a must visit exhibition. A Bigger Splash: Painting after Performance will be on display from November 14th until 2013 April first in Tate Modern museum, London.

To get the idea of what I'm talking about, my suggestion is to watch a movie A Biger Splah by Jack Hazan. It tells story of a famous artist David Hockney, who is a huge part of this upcoming exhibition.

So have a glass of wine, slice of a nice cheese and enjoy art.

Nighty night,


KaroLion Wears - Pancakes Feast

Photo by Victoria Crane

Outfit: Zara Boots, leather jacket, t-shirt; Vintage shirt (found in some market in Spain few years ago); Stradivarius skirt; Happeak beanie.

"A good blogger would" - said one famous fashion blogger once.

A good blogger would start her blog on Monday. Well see, being a good blogger is not one of my intentions. My plan is to have fun in this new platform, share positive emotions and findings and, most importantly, inspire you to have fun too!!!

Speaking of fun, what is more exciting than having pancakes for lunch (even if you need to visit the gym afterwards) with one of my creative friends?

Have a plate of pancakes, live a little.