Twinkle Christmas

Merry cozy Christmas, my dearest followers.
Drink mulled wine, wear warmest sweaters, cuddle your closest ones, listen to beautiful music and do not care about anything at all today.


Goes well with Coffee - Four Tet

I don't usually listen to this kind of music but when challenge "finish educational year, come back home for Christmas, don't give a damn about calories and enjoy mom's food" is completed I allow myself to be... well, just to be me, I suppose. I'm clich├ęd person sometimes and as that is admitted It seems right to discover such artist as Kieran Hebden (a.k.a Four Tet).
All informative stuff can be found here but I just adore this man for his music.
I've found him when I was looking for more creative version of Stars by The XX. To be honest, that's not my personal favorite of all his tunes but I'm definitely hooked on Four Tet and Burial collaboration's result - Nova.
My 3 last days ended this way and I think this will be no exeption. I just go to SoundCloud, type in Four Tet and play all tunes possible. Honestly fall asleep like a child!

It's Christmas break — perfect time to be honest to yourself and do whatever the hell you want.
Enjoy yourselves, beautiful people.
Cherry cherry tea and sweet sounds now.
Karolion x


Things Instagram missed out on

I don't go crazy with my Insta account daily but I do weird stuff in general.
Some things my Instagram account missed out on just before the holidays.

1. I went to V&A to see Hollywood Costume exhibition.

2. Finally went for a proper night walk in London.

3. I was one grumpy, sleepless b*tch for a little while.

5. I tried to be a lady and have some girly time. Unsuccessfully. I ended up laughing and all my face masks went to waste. (Oooh yea, new Segue came out)

6. Watched sentimental movies and all beautiful women cried :(

7. New chicken place (my friend's description, it's actually called Roosters Piri Piri) opened in Epsom. Cool for someone who's trying to avoid chicken.

8. And we've celebrated Christmas with housemates already.

So these are my 8 things that didn't make it to my Insta before Christmas.
You should seriously consider following me there because awesome people finding new awesome people is more than awesome.
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Flying home tomorrow. Have my book Tipping Point to read, some Audrey Hepburn's movies to watch and good music to listen to.
See you soon, sweeties.
Karolina Liutas


Goes well with Coffee - Abuse It

Last week of university got in my way.
As much as I'm in a mood for some quality writing, it's been 6 cups of coffee so far and I'm still stuck in Sunday.
Thank God for Thibaut Berland (a.k.a Breakbot) and his Dane On Glass mix.
Abused it as I abused my coffee.

Let's do some university work for the last week this year and then let ourselves dance in front of our mirrors while listening to some bad ass music.

Off to some more coffee.
Hope to reach you soon.
Kisses and beauties and beats,


Karolion wears - Go Creative or Go Home

Last night's song: Owl Eyes - Faces

Photos by Katherine Au-Yong
Outfit: Zara boots, trousers; Primark sweater, necklace; Accessorize necklace/bracelet;

In a house of creatives you daily find solutions to things that you wouldn't even consider as things that need one. For example, yesterday my creative housemates and I have been trying to make my blog 
look descent.
Close enough, right..?

We're not programmers, we're not IT specialists and we're definitely not patient ones.

That's why we neon spray paint snow!

And have a good weekend!

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Inspiration - The Way She Smokes

When doing research for uni for my Fashion Moment project, the first thing that comes to my mind is Portishead.
It's not that surprising as I've decided to write about Fashion Cigarette as The Moment.
Beth Gibbons is definitely a woman who knows how to smoke a cigarette. I just loved the comment found below the video of their live performance in Roseland New York 1997.

"I know. but, dude, admit it, though, when a cool person smokes it makes em rocking explosively bad assss."- pakk82

To be honest, even if I'm going to exclude her in my final piece, this is probably one of my favorite Fashion Cigarette Moments.

You secretly want a cigarette now.



Goes well with Coffee - Jasmine Kennedy

With cold making its first kicks and with my cheeks blushing twice as they normally do, I realize that one of my favorite times in a year has come.
Time for good books and woolen blankets. Time for allowing yourself eat ginger cookies and drink more tea than usually.
Regardless of time, there is no moment in my life without suitable music.
To me, winter is probably the coziest and simplest, in a charming way, season. That's why my choice of music for this week is a simple perfection.
Jasmine Kennedy is a 19 year old (soon to be 20) from Batley. She writes songs and tells jokes as her official page says :)
From the minute I heard her singing her heart out, I couldn't stop.

So now I'm sharing my beautiful, charming discovery with you.

Have a warm week!