Inspiration - Diwali

When living with other people, you get to experience other cultures. I felt like it was my duty to make one of our housemates feel better for missing her chance to celebrate Diwali with her family. 
Diwali is a festival of lights and it's one of the most important festivals for Hindus. It also happens to be today. Though I'm not an Indian, it's indeed inspiring and to get a chance to find out more about this beautiful occasion. Well here's my try to embrace it.

And I've found this beautiful blog today, by an Indian girl, which you should definitely check:

Charming cultures all around us.
Yours Karolina.


KaroLion Wears - Lina Sokolovaite

Photos by:  Slut Garden,
Make up: Victoria Crane,
Assistant: Migle Enciute.

Outfits: Lina Sokolovaite floral jacket, blue skirt, electric yellow t-shirt, pink t-shirt, leather skirt; Zara hat, leather jacket; Lindex golden necklace; Mommy's handmade pink necklace. 

See, I told you that I don't have any intentions of being a good blogger. I'm just having too much fun in life to remember my blog. That's a LIE! What I actually been doing these past five days is drinking loads of coffee and trying to get a little sleep.

Anyways, due to some technical issues I had to delay this post. But better later than never, right?
So this week KaroLion wears designs by Lina Sokolovaite. She is a young super stylish, designer to-be girl living in London and waiting for her dream to come true. While she awaits for her sweet future, she spends time working and gaining experience in London's Liberty store. 
I was honored to wear these garments and to be photographed by one of the craziest and chicest girl photographers that I know - Ugne Jaks, who goes as Slut Garden.

Yay for creativity and youth! Let us wear it all, let us live in colors!

Yours Truly,


Inspiration - Two Faced Girl

Excuse me, I just don't believe that any day ends at 00.00
Tuesday's inspirational post - Two-Faced Girl
Black and white and red and pink.
And when it comes to kissing, guess which face wins?

Roses are red, violets are blue, I don't really care,
Kiss You!


Goes well with Coffee - Disclosure

Good morning!
I hope all of you had a great and productive time last week.
I sure did and you will see some of the results very soon in this blog. Although my hands were full, the inspiration and motivation were missing. But it is a good thing I read magazines, because sometimes littlest sentences like "I'd often give full-on monologues to the cat whilst wearing my mother's dresses with lipstick tattoos all over my face."can make you feel joyful again.
So here I am, suggesting my this week's Goes well with Coffee choice.

You know those times when on Youtube you check the video only because of the image (yes, girls do that too)? Well this is probably the shortest way to tell you how 4 months ago I discovered Disclosure.
Disclosure are two brothers from United Kingdom who create house, future music. My first ever listened song by Disclosure was Tenderly, but today they're quickly rising with their first single for Universal Records "Latch" in which you can hear the voice of Sam Smith.
Enjoy your coffee, enjoy Disclosure.


Let you last sip be for sunny Mondays and good music.
Kiss you,