KaroLion Wears - Lina Sokolovaite

Photos by:  Slut Garden,
Make up: Victoria Crane,
Assistant: Migle Enciute.

Outfits: Lina Sokolovaite floral jacket, blue skirt, electric yellow t-shirt, pink t-shirt, leather skirt; Zara hat, leather jacket; Lindex golden necklace; Mommy's handmade pink necklace. 

See, I told you that I don't have any intentions of being a good blogger. I'm just having too much fun in life to remember my blog. That's a LIE! What I actually been doing these past five days is drinking loads of coffee and trying to get a little sleep.

Anyways, due to some technical issues I had to delay this post. But better later than never, right?
So this week KaroLion wears designs by Lina Sokolovaite. She is a young super stylish, designer to-be girl living in London and waiting for her dream to come true. While she awaits for her sweet future, she spends time working and gaining experience in London's Liberty store. 
I was honored to wear these garments and to be photographed by one of the craziest and chicest girl photographers that I know - Ugne Jaks, who goes as Slut Garden.

Yay for creativity and youth! Let us wear it all, let us live in colors!

Yours Truly,


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