Goes well with Coffee - Disclosure

Good morning!
I hope all of you had a great and productive time last week.
I sure did and you will see some of the results very soon in this blog. Although my hands were full, the inspiration and motivation were missing. But it is a good thing I read magazines, because sometimes littlest sentences like "I'd often give full-on monologues to the cat whilst wearing my mother's dresses with lipstick tattoos all over my face."can make you feel joyful again.
So here I am, suggesting my this week's Goes well with Coffee choice.

You know those times when on Youtube you check the video only because of the image (yes, girls do that too)? Well this is probably the shortest way to tell you how 4 months ago I discovered Disclosure.
Disclosure are two brothers from United Kingdom who create house, future music. My first ever listened song by Disclosure was Tenderly, but today they're quickly rising with their first single for Universal Records "Latch" in which you can hear the voice of Sam Smith.
Enjoy your coffee, enjoy Disclosure.


Let you last sip be for sunny Mondays and good music.
Kiss you,

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