And then I was like "SAY WHAT?!"

So that's what I've found few days ago on Aquila at Proud Camden Facebook page.


Hot new brand, www.Retrousse.co.uk, give away their new limited edition Camden designer T-shirt, plus a VIP table at AQUILA on Wednesday and 8 x VIP for Life wristbands. There are only 50 of these Ts printed!"

And then I thought, okay, why not? YOLO right? 
So I liked and shared. Guess what???
That's what I've received this afternoon:

"Congratulations from us at AQUILA. You've been selected as our runner up winner of our huge Facebook competition this week - you've won a massive package for you & friends for Wednesday 30th January at Proud Camden. Well done!!
Prize includes: Your name on a VIP Stable (private room with pole, plasma screen), free VIP entry for yourself, a goody bag, free VIP bands for all of your friends. Plus a limited edition "AQUILA VIP For Life" festival wristband worth £25.
Wednesday 30th is our massive AQUILA Full Moon Party!! It's an amazing night to win for, so well done!
Can you send me a first draft list of your friends' names soon please, you can then keep sending them until 8pm on the night. Stable is for large groups, so please send over 20+ names, if you dont think you can reach this let us know, I’m sure we can work something out, but 20 is the target.
You can always call the office on 0203 214 8235 week days, 10-5pm with any questions too.
Well done again!
AQUILA Proud Camden team

Well we all know now where our crazy crowd is partying tomorrow night!
See you, don't forget your smile, heels and red lipsticks!


Giambattista Valli Spring 2013 Couture - Princesses in B&W

my choices:

(Style pictures)

When you say: 'COUTURE' I think: 'PRINCESSES.' It's been that way and I'm truly sorry for my entirely (probably) wrong perception.

Giambattista Valli's collection 'wwwooooowww'ed' me in a charmed 10 year old's, who just finished watching Snow White, way.Yes, it's not exactly new, new but have some mercy on me and let me enjoy my 'princess' moment for 5 minutes at least.

And have a good day then :)


Karolion wears - Black Friday

(Not that Black Friday...)
Friday's rhythm: The Morning Benders - Excuses (RAC remix)

Outfit: Zara boots, coat, jeans, t-shirt, hat; Swatch watch.

Just wanted to point out!
Things we shouldn't worry about now:
CVs, internship applications, place to live next year, prices, weight.
Things we should worry about now:
Actually doing internship, s/s 2013 dresses trends, s/s 2013 nail polishes trends, s/s 2013 festivals, hugging someone, Catherine Alliott's latest inspirations, new magazines, fashion weeks, Justin Timberlake's new song, Friday.

Oh, if only we’d live perfect lives in a perfect world.

At least as long as we’re blooming, shining and being starry-eyed ones is not that bad is it..?

As Two Door Cinema sings: ‘Let’s make this happen, girl. You’re gonna show the world that something good can work and it can work for you. And you know that it will.’

Your private Lion.


That Little Naughty 2013 Confession

So I woke up still wearing a dress on the first morning of 2013. Guess that means I'm going to be one glam b***h all year, right?

Anyway, at the moment I'm back to see my family for few more days before returning to United Kingdom. So basically nothing interesting is happening, I'm just being an average kitten — fed, loved and hugged.

Hope that you all are having your Sunday's cup of coffee.
Talk to you soon,
Ladies and Gentlemen.

P.S. Instagram has lately become one of my daily friends, so feel free to stock me - @karolion.