Things Instagram missed out on

I don't go crazy with my Insta account daily but I do weird stuff in general.
Some things my Instagram account missed out on just before the holidays.

1. I went to V&A to see Hollywood Costume exhibition.

2. Finally went for a proper night walk in London.

3. I was one grumpy, sleepless b*tch for a little while.

5. I tried to be a lady and have some girly time. Unsuccessfully. I ended up laughing and all my face masks went to waste. (Oooh yea, new Segue came out)

6. Watched sentimental movies and all beautiful women cried :(

7. New chicken place (my friend's description, it's actually called Roosters Piri Piri) opened in Epsom. Cool for someone who's trying to avoid chicken.

8. And we've celebrated Christmas with housemates already.

So these are my 8 things that didn't make it to my Insta before Christmas.
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Flying home tomorrow. Have my book Tipping Point to read, some Audrey Hepburn's movies to watch and good music to listen to.
See you soon, sweeties.
Karolina Liutas

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