Goes well with Coffee - Jasmine Kennedy

With cold making its first kicks and with my cheeks blushing twice as they normally do, I realize that one of my favorite times in a year has come.
Time for good books and woolen blankets. Time for allowing yourself eat ginger cookies and drink more tea than usually.
Regardless of time, there is no moment in my life without suitable music.
To me, winter is probably the coziest and simplest, in a charming way, season. That's why my choice of music for this week is a simple perfection.
Jasmine Kennedy is a 19 year old (soon to be 20) from Batley. She writes songs and tells jokes as her official page says :)
From the minute I heard her singing her heart out, I couldn't stop.

So now I'm sharing my beautiful, charming discovery with you.

Have a warm week!

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