Bedtime story - The Queen is E

My Friday’s face by Ugne Jaks

Saturday ~9a.m.
E was smiling. I felt happiest as I've ever been for her.

Saturday  ~3a.m.
Just before the club shut and all the party animals were reminiscing whether they should call it a night or was it still young, I've met a guy. His handsomeness and our group's wish to explore the mystery of the night lead us going to the after party with the guy and his friends.
While standing in the kitchen and still having a dilemma with myself whether I should drink or not, I noticed that E was missing. Without even blinking or thinking I told U 'Quick! We've lost E, we have to make sure she's okay.'
Then me and U guided ourselves around a huge, nicely decorated flat. We've found E in one of the bedrooms sitting with the same guy who asked us to join the party. I looked at E and exchanged eye contact, in that moment I realized she was happy, young and free, right there, right then.
So we left them on their own accord.
The night for myself was full of popcorn, broken glass and discussions about Pret A Manger's coffee's quality. At about 7a.m. me and E kissed the cheeks of our other girlfriend's and went home. But as soon as we reached my house and the sun was rising we decided to finish this night/morning with bagels, coffee and orange juice.

Saturday ~9a.m.
E was smiling. I felt happiest as I've ever been for her.
She was the queen of that night.
The Queen is E.

Nighty night, sparks.

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