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Sunday sounds like:
Perseus - Shadow of the Beast

Cornubia Eau de Toilette @Penhaligon's / Green dress @River Island

Good Morning!

So, the other night I went to Japan Centre for a sushi refill (before closing they sell everything half price! If you live in London, you just learnt a thing J) and ended up buying few more things (can we just blame this on ‘it’s a girl thing’ this time, puhlease?).
After successfully shopping at Japan Centre I decided to walk home. Now, we live in Lancaster Gate and if you walk from Piccadilly Circus to where we live the easiest way to do it is to walk along Oxford Street. Just when I saw Oxford Circus’ River Island, a picture of this green dress popped in my head. I mean hey! they were selling it half price (only knew that because that’s what I do when I can’t sleep – browse high street fashion shops online but never buy. I’m shallow minded like that…)! Needles to say, 10 minutes later I was holding this huuuge, and way too big for my dress, RI’S bag. So, I decided to take a bus home in order to stop myself from buying more things. Pay day... And there an early night had another surprise for me. Public transport on a Friday night in London is a joke. You know it, I know it, we all know it. Waiting for my bus and feeling my nose slowly starting to freeze, I spotted House of Fraser. Awww those little lights! And bright discount ads… I was out of perfume for two weeks. So, yes, I went in and was happily persuaded into buying my first bottle of Penhaligon’s.

Happy wife - happy life!
Well... Except the wife part...

Have a nice Sunday, darlings. Blog to you soon.

P.S. Spitafields Market today anyone? Again, discounts before closing! Stay smart, Londoners xx

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