Outside The Box: One leg back!

Sunday sounds like:
Semisonic - Closing Time

Mac quality. Always killing it. 
Me today after Frieze Art Fair. Finally eating at home and knowing that I don't have to run anywhere! Stuffed aubergine from Selfridges Food Hall where staff knows me and that fact itself makes me question the quality of life.

I'm back! Kind of...

So you know how about a month ago I was all smiley and happy, ready to start my new blogging season (it's really pleasantly surprising how many of you enquired about missing posts)? Ha! Well that never happened. There are reasons... 
Me lacking motivation, me lacking time, me almost getting attacked (twice, phew!), me feeling like the biggest anti-human I've ever met, me moving twice. It was all me...
You can blame me, hate me and even throw tomatoes at me (well technically that would be your screen).
I'm sorry.
But you know what? Even if you decide not to forgive me (which makes no sense you reading this), I still love you. 
Now, tomorrow and the day after. 
Because I do believe life is about loving people and doing what you love. 
Oh, and about being thankful for all the beautiful little moments life is grateful enough to give you.

I'm one leg back to being Karolion and blogging. My other leg, however, is reserved for my uni work, just work (because we do all need money for wine, shoes and galleries), friends and all the unplanned plans that somehow manage to find me daily.

Nighty night, little stars!
Love now, forever and after.
Yours and yours and yours,
Karolion x

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