Public Lion: The Pimlico Poisoning

Screen shots of Erin McNulty's 'The Pimlico Poisoning.'

The Pimlico Mystery is an uncomfortable story to read. Ecpecially if you're a woman. Needless to say, it was even more uncomfortable to realise that for this project I will have to impersonate Adelaide Bartlett, who in 1886 is believed to have poisoned her husband with large amount of chloroform.
To my astonishment, working on Erin McNulty's 'The Pimlico Poisoning' was more of a delightful positive experience than an emotional wreck.
I had a chance to discover Southend, get to know some strong and intelligent women, sit in cars that are probably older than I am and work with one, soon to be, very successful and talented filmmaker.

Thank You, Erin.

Your Lion.

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