Table Sunday: Adrian Mesko

Sunday's playlist:
Mask - Maribou State & Pedestrian (Original Mix)

Jetlag Prod - Every Woman
Hot Toddy - Down To Love (Henry Krinkle's Lush Haus Mix)

My morning.

(Adrian Mesko diary pictures)

Enjoying coffee, long boarding again, hanging out with my natives, going to see The Neighbourhood in London, spending the night chatting with my lovely Jaks, breaking into Battersea Park just for a night walk, working, wearing heels 24/7, modeling, reading books, reading magazines, buying new albums, finding new Spanish places to dine out and buying floral cushions and towels for Dominique's visit.
So that's pretty much my last week. 
Which is why I hope you understand how much I enjoy spending my morning on our kitchen table. Reading Russh, listening to amazing music, drinking orange juice and eating rice crackers.
Let me tell you one thing. London is a wild place full of even wilder animals. Even though I am more than grateful to be a lion here, it feels good to be a cat sometimes. Like this Sunday. 
Table Sunday with my latest discoveries and inspirations.

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