Low Quality: Let's Stay Home

Unedited, simplest, rawest and maybe most unattractive pictures that can be found on my computer.
But they are personal, positive, relevant to me and magical pictures, capturing the lives of the people who I care about, capturing my life... These are my sparks...

1. Spending evening with Ugne at her place, listening to the music loud and discussing our hearts out.
2. Reading one of Catherine Aliott's books, having late lunch and having an hour long phone conversation with Pijus.
3. Dealing with insomnia in a very smiley way at about 5 in the morning.
4. Decorating one of my walls with b&w things given to me by others.
5. Failing to make cupcakes and using them as our window decoration (in the end we ate some of them).
6. Waiting for my mum's Skype call, trying my new tee on.
7. Having a bath with my 6-year-old brother while being back at home and him lighting all these candles for two of us.
8. Khalid making dinner while Skype calling me.
9. Watching A Single Man, being unable to take a screen shot, taking a phone picture instead.
10. Waiting for Ugne to shower, exploring all the amazing books she owns and taking a mirror shot in her beautiful room.

Nighty night, starry eyed.
x, Karolina

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